Good Luck, Bad Luck

Every time I reveal that I am an astrologer at any gathering it is guaranteed to cause someone to guffaw loudly and shout "gimme the winning numbers for Saturday nights draw". You know the kind, they usually have a smirk on their face, I hate people who smirk

Anyway, as if I would be so benevolent and give these smirkers the winning numbers. Indeed, if I had the winning numbers I would probably be in the Bahamas instead of a crummy gathering where people guffaw loudly and smirk.

The truth is that not all of us are destined to win. Now I know there are some people out there who believe that we have free will and there is no destiny but if having free will allowed us to have Saturday nights winning numbers then we would all be extremely happy if money and winning is what brings us happiness. We know that not everyone wins so there must be an element of destiny in it. If there is destiny involved then winning can be predicted.

Don't you just hate those people who win things all the time. There you are waiting with bated breath for the big car draw and lo and behold the winner has won three cars in less than a year already. You bought ten tickets they bought one, they win you lose. We all mumble "its not fair" and grimace at them behind their backs. People who win a lot often get grimaced at but they never notice because they are having such a good time winning.

It seems there is no justice in these matters of chance and this comes as no surprise to me since the planet that rules good fortune also rules justice. It is Jupiter we have to thank for our fortune or lack of it and he is often helped or hindered by Saturn.

If Jupiter is well placed in a natal chart then good things will come. Astrologically there are many rules to being "well placed" and this must include being in good zodiacal condition. That is to say Jupiter must be in a house, sign and degree which allows him to be comfortable and deliver the fortune promised in the chart. If Jupiter is badly aspected then it will hamper his efforts to deliver. Similarly, Saturn in an ill placing can hamper our ability to attract good fortune or to make the most of opportunities that come our way.

Novice astrologers can become confused when they read that Jupiter on the Midheaven will bring good things when the persons life indicates that they are extremely unlucky. This could be for several reasons, Jupiter may be in a sign in which he is not happy or he may be badly aspected. If say Jupiter was on the Midheaven and was square to Saturn around the Ascendant then it is extremely unlikely that the native can or will take advantage of opportunities even if they were presented. This kind of aspect brings about poor judgement and timing and a pessimistic outlook too. Jupiter rules optimism but when square to such a dour planet as Saturn which is in charge of pessimism it is hard to keep ones spirits up for very long.

Some people are extremely lucky but never seem to make much of themselves, they never have anything to show for their good fortune. This can happen for a couple of reasons as well. They may have an ill placed Saturn which does not interfere with Jupiter but which hampers their ability to be self disciplined and responsible about matters or maybe they are so lucky they know that more will come along when whatever it is they have runs out.

It is also not always what we have that counts it is what we do with it. There are many people with great fortunes who are not particularly happy so when you expect that elusive lottery win to solve all your problems be warned that it will simply highlight them instead. Conversely there are people who are quite poor who are very happy and contented and so it seems that happiness and good fortune are not necessarily aligned with riches. This means that fortune to one person will be different to another and I know we would all rather have the cash but it is worth thinking about. It is also worth thinking about being optimistic. Nothing will change, you will still lose but at least you will be happy and smile a lot.

Now being optimistic all the time can get tedious as well especially when nothing comes your way. What do those of us who do not have a friend in Jupiter do?

Life is interesting, nothing remains constant and so as the planets travel the skies and transit our natal planets we can often be afforded little windows of opportunity which may improve our luck and fortune beyond that promised in the birth chart. Because fortune is not promised in the birth chart, these opportunities are often short lived and the size of the fortune is often not as great as we dream of. However, they do bring a welcome respite to an otherwise tedious process of buying lottery tickets that never win. Similarly, people who win all the time can go through periods where transiting planets rob them of their good fortune for a time. These periods can last from minutes to days to years sometimes and it all depends upon which planets are in aspect to the natal chart and their rate of progress. If you see a normally fortunate person going through a difficult period please do not gloat for they are not as equipped to deal with adversity as we are. In any case it is not nice to gloat, gloating is like smirking and you already know I hate people who smirk.

Using astrology you can check to see if there is any hope of a big win in your natal chart. If there is none you can check ahead to see if there are transits which may improve the situation. You can minimise losses in areas like horse racing and the stock market by avoiding betting or trading on your bad days. You may not be a natural winner but at least it may give you a better chance at winning and sometimes being smart makes you a bigger winner than someone who simply has pure blind luck.

Although.................. I'd rather be lucky than smart (sigh).


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