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Mercury Retrograde

It happens three times a year, Mercury goes retrograde and changes all our plans.

Mercury is the planet that most people seem concerned with when thinking of retrogrades, perhaps it is the one they most notice the effects of. Mercury does rule communications, communication devices such as telephones and computers, transportation and our daily routine so a retrograde phase can cause havoc in our otherwise orderly worlds. The affect of a Mercury retrograde can cause these things to malfunction or for instructions to be misinterpreted and this makes things go awry and for people to change their minds, cancel appointments and forget to turn up when they should.

Those with some knowledge of astrology know that the affects of a Mercury retrograde occur a little before and after the dates given. The reason for this is that Mercury will retrograde and travel back to a certain degree before it stations again and goes forward. It then has to make up ground until it reaches the original degree before it went retrograde. Here is an example

27 July 2018 Mercury goes retrograde at 23 Leo
20 August 2018 Mercury goes direct at 11 Leo

Mercury first touches 11 Leo, its point of direct motion, on 8 July 2018

Mercury will not be back at 23 Leo, its points of retrograde motion, until 2 September 2018

So, although the official retrograde period of Mercury may, in this instance, be 27 July 2018 to20 August 2018 the affect will actually last, one way or another, from 8 July 2018 right through to 2 September 2018

What usually happens is that things may go wrong and it takes a while before they begin to go right again. Not every day of a Mercury retrograde will be a nightmare, your own personal transits will make some days better than others. Most people say you should back up your computer before a retrograde, some find they have no problems with their computer and so don't bother.

What is likely to go awry for you will depend upon the affairs of the house being transited by Mercury, the house it is situated in natally, and the houses it rules in your natal chart.

In order to figure what any retrograde mercury period will mean to you, check the degrees at which it starts and ends and then check to see what planets Mercury will make transiting aspects to during its retrograde phase. Also check the house position of transiting Mercury too.

It is wise to observe a few rules during a Mercury retrograde. If you are making plans it is likely that the plans will change. If they are important plans it is possible that you do not have all the information you will need to make an informed decision. Some say it is not wise to purchase motor vehicles and communications equipment under a Mercury retrograde. I do observe this because sometimes it affects decision making where the product chosen can turn out to be unsuitable.

On the other hand if equipment malfunctions then you may have no choice but to purchase a new item under a retrograde phase and if this is the case you will have to take your chances that the malfunction was the event and not the new purchase. I do find sometimes I have trouble with the old and new item but it is all fixable.

If you have otherwise good aspects on the day the risks of a poor purchase will be minimised. Do not sign contracts if you can avoid it, you may not have all the facts or you may change your mind. If you must sign contracts ask as many questions as you can and look for more information. Be aware that instructions and communications can be misinterpreted so take extra time to make sure everyone understands each other. Allow for little delays here and there, they are bound to happen because Mercury rules our daily plans.

What is a Mercury Retrograde good for?

Sometimes when we are forced to go back over old ground we get a chance to clean things up and make them better. Mercury retrograde is a great time to redo the filing system or clean out the cupboards. If things were lost they can just turn up again. If previous negotiations or plans have not been going well a retrograde period can actually help to fix them by going back over old ground and bringing new issues to light. Mercury retrograde can encourage us to re-evaluate all kinds of things in our daily life including our health practices.

Here are the Mercury retrograde dates for 2017 and 2018

Mercury Shadow25 July 201728 Leo
Mercury Retrograde 1 August 2017 11 Virgo
Mercury Direct 6 September 2017 28 Leo
Mercury Shadow 19 September 2017 11 Virgo
Mercury Shadow 15 November 2017 13 Sagittarius
Mercury Retrograde 4 December 2017 29 Sagittarius
Mercury Direct 24 December 2017 13 Sagittarius
Mercury Shadow 11 January 2018 29 Sagittarius
Mercury Shadow 9 March 2018 4 Aries
Mercury Retrograde 24 March 2018 16 Aries
Mercury Direct 16 April 2018 4 Aries
Mercury Shadow 3 May 2018 16 Aries
Mercury Shadow 8 July 2018 11 Leo
Mercury Retrograde 27 July 2018 23 Leo
Mercury Direct 20 August 2018 11 Leo
Mercury Shadow 2 September 2018 23 Leo
Mercury Shadow 29 October 2018 27 Scorpio
Mercury Retrograde 18 November 2018 13 Sagittarius
Mercury Direct 7 December 2018 27 Scorpio
Mercury Shadow 25 December 2018 13 Sagittarius

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In 1994 I undertook a Diploma of Medieval Astrology Course because I found some of the older, forgotten techniques gave me a better understanding of people which helped me to see better solutions for people to learn, change and thrive in life.

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